Act II — No Country for Practical Men

The Im-Practical God

A dream? We see a God dividing a giant pyramid into pieces of different geometrical shapes: cubes, smaller pyramids, … We slightly turn and we see another God who is shaking his 8-ball whispering: “how much fuel do I need to reach the moon?”.

The Model-based-designed-animals Island

Captain: We have practical things to do. You, impractical sailor, come back in two weeks!

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Already on our boat, we are waiting for better weather conditions. We keep thinking at the days spent with the farmer. We even created our own electric sheep. Kind of weird how it looks like. There’s no mouth, digestion system, smells… It looks like a sheep, but it only has “eyes” and “ears”, an intricate mechanical internal structure, and a low-cost computer in his head. Well, “eyes”… they are not even cameras. One of those “eye” is really just a hole and a light sensitive surface… So simple, and yet we don’t know what a secure eye is… It’s a stupid “port” that the “brain” of the sheep can use to get data from the outer visible world. Light comes to the “eye” and the data encoded in the light is translated and transmitted to the “brain”.

  • Or, vice-versa, light-data lacks some electric-data. So, the eye has inserted some data.
  • Or both, and light-data and electric-data overlaps so that some light-data have been substituted with some different electric-data.

UnTrue Lies

For the whole trip back, we did the only thing we could: sailing during the day and detailing our idea during the night; drafting an etiological explanation of the cybersecure animal until we came back home, with our idea ready to be shared. We looked back at our draft and we decided to send it to the farmer with a message: “It’s much more detailed now and there’s much more than what we briefly discussed together. Hope you enjoy it”. His reply? “Thanks”. Maybe he was just too busy to go through it, so we called other farmers and they all replied “thanks”. At first, we thought we just met a lot of busy people but, “thanks” after “thanks”, we started wondering… is there a hidden truth they found in our good-ish approach, so ugly they didn’t dare to tell us?



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